Siri Adds 'Hero' To Capabilities After Saving Fishermen

  • 02/05/2017

Apple's virtual assistant came to the rescue when three Florida fishermen encountered rough seas off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida, Fox 4 is reporting.

As the 18-foot boat took on water and began to sink, the fishermen donned life jackets and one attempted to call 911. Hampered by cold, wet fingers, he was unable to use his phone's touchscreen. Instead, he summoned the "Hey, Siri" feature and asked Siri to make the call for him.

"They had an iPhone 7, which I'm learning today is waterproof," Sergeant James Barrett said. "However, he couldn't touch the screen with his fingers because they were cold, but he used Siri to call 911."

A coast guard helicopter was then able to locate the men, who were later rescued by the Miami-Dade police.

This isn't Siri's first rodeo. In the UK, a 4-year-old toddler unlocked his unconscious mother's iPhone with his thumb and asked Siri to call for help. A mother in Australia used Siri to call an ambulance while she tended to her 1-year-old daughter who'd stopped breathing.