Yasmine Hamdar

Yasmine is an undergraduate computer science student who is passionate about research. She has worked as a research assistant with prestigious institutions like the University of Oxford and the American University of Beirut in which she heavily engaged in geographic information systems, data science and spatial statistics. Yasmine is also a creative writer and has won first place in a national competition for creative writing leading to the publication of her own short story.

Ali Hamdar

Ali's experience lies in providing ready-made software products, customized software solutions, websites, and mobile applications for enterprises, brands and companies. He has specific interest in designing and publishing news portals, e-commerce and e-government projects. Ali has worked for several government institutions, NGOs and holding companies to implement the right software and tools to automate their workflows and business processes. Moreover, Ali is experienced in implementing project management best practices and agile methodologies using SCRUM framework.

Suha Mneimneh

Suha Mneimneh, born in Beirut, Lebanon. Studied CCE in the Lebanese University and continued the master studies in the American University of Beirut. Currently working in Software development and a Team Leader in Integrated Digital Systems (IDS).