Tech Open Air 2017 - Berlin

  • 04/04/2017

Tech Open Air is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival. At TOA the mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Connect and learn with top-tier entrepreneurs, artists and scientists at a beautiful location. Experience inspirational storytelling, interactive panels, know-shops, pillow-talks, art installations, live music and so much more…

TOA will host over 200 unique Satellite Events all across the city. This is the time for the wider Tech community to take over, and for you to create your own series of inspiring events. Dive in, there really is something for everyone here. is the best parts of the festival, made digital: TOA AAA. Unique stories from tech’s brightest thinkers mashed-up with art, science, music, and, of course, the uninhibited TOA atmosphere — it’s all in